MS Data Alliance
Data can transform the care of people with MS
Our Mission

The MS Data Alliance is a global multi-stakeholder non-for-profit collaboration that strives to overcome the sociological and technical challenges that arise when scaling-up real-world MS data.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which multiple stakeholders collaborate in the trustworthy use of real-world health data to accelerate data-driven insights necessary to transform the care of people with MS.

Our values and guiding principles

We respect the privacy of people affected by MS as well as the autonomy and custodianship of data source
We adhere to the FAIR principles (Findable - Accessible - Interoperable and Re-usable)
Trustworthiness and transparency is key
The only way forward is to work together
We are convinced that complex issues require flexible and pragmatic solutions
We leverage and work on top of solutions from other initiatives as mush as possible (#NotInventedHere)

Our History

MSDA Timeline